Generally it is the proprietors intention to impose as few restrictions as possible, as freedom from these is part of the freedom desired on a holiday, but in the case of wilful neglect or obvious disregard of normal propriety the proprietors reserve the right to act in any manner they deem necessary to prevent such neglect or disregard.

1. Caravans and cars must be positioned in the places indicated. They must be moved to fresh pitches as requested at any time when this seems necessary. The preferences of caravanners will be met as far as reasonably possible.

2. Animals – Dogs or other pets are permitted but these must be kept under control. Bitches in season are not permitted. Dogs should not foul the park. Any fouling must be cleared up and disposed of.

3. Firearms and Catapults – These are strictly prohibited.

4. No music , singing or other noise which would cause a nuisance to other occupiers of the caravan park shall be permitted between the hours of 11pm and 9am daily. Music MUST be kept at a low volume at all times.  Children should not be in the Play area or ball area between the hours of 9pm and 9am.

5. The cutting of trees is strictly prohibited and the natural conditions of the area are not to be disturbed. Litter is to be placed in the bins provided. Rubbish must not be disposed of into the sewerage system.

6. The erection of fences or railings around caravans and the driving of nails into timber is forbidden.

7. Fires – The lighting of fires is prohibited on any part of the caravan park.

8. Sub-letting is permitted for a period of six weeks by prior arrangement with the management

9. No articles other than containers for waste water are permitted to be placed under caravans, Gas cylinders are to be stored and connected outside the caravan.

10. The proprietors will not accept any liability for injury sustained or suffered by any user of the caravan park or for loss, damage or injury to vehicles, caravans or property of any kind brought onto the park by any user of accommodation.

11. Use of accommodation on the estate is subject to all conditions being strictly observed.

12. The proprietors or their representatives may require any person not observing the conditions to leave the caravan park and if the owner of a caravan, to remove forthwith. THE DECISION OF THE PROPRIETORS SHALL BE FINAL ON THE QUESTION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT ANY CONDITION HAS OR HAS NOT BEEN OBSERVED.

13. Caravans may not be sold on the caravan park. A pitch is not transferable without prior arrangement with the proprietors. Items for sale such as tourers and cars must not be advertised
on the park.

14. Caravans and their accessories and contents are left at the caravan owners risk.The proprietors or their servants will not be responsible for loss thereof or damage caused.

15. Electricity to caravans. 220-250 volts suitable for :- lights, television, fridges. Overloading will fuse the supply.

16. The proprietors will not be responsible for the maintenance of internal electricity, gas or plumbing in caravans.

17. All caravans must meet with current gas safety regulations and comply with the requirements of BS 715/5440/5482 (Waterheater Flueing and Caravan Ventilation).

18. Only gas cylinders purchased through the park are to be used. Use of other makes of gas on static caravans is not allowed. Gas delivery vehicles with the exception of our own supplier, are not permitted on the park. The maximum number of cylinders allowed beside each caravan is two 47kg or two 19kg. Cylinders must not be secured by chains etc. so as to facilitate their removal in an emergency..

19. Any static caravan moving off the site must have the agreement of the site owner. Disconnection must be carried out by the site owner’s contractor and a fee will be payable.

20. No tradesmen are to ply for business on the park without prior arrangement of the management. Items for sale such as tourers and cars must not be advertised on the park.

21. Please desist from walking around the park whilst carrying or consuming cans bottles or glasses of alcoholic drinks.

22. The proprietor requests proof of insurance for all seasonal tourers and static caravans to be submitted to head office.

23. Hiring of Static Caravans from the Park – Please note that all Caravans hired from us are cleaned and inspected after use. If any deliberate and wilful damage has been caused to the Caravan (both interior and exterior), the cost of rectifying this will be charged to the Customer name on the booking. If the Caravan is, as a result, not fit to be hired out again until the damage has been rectified (spare parts and doors etc have to be ordered), the Customer will be liable to pay the season rate for that duration of time.