Directions to Bobby Shafto Caravan Park

Approach to Bobby Shafto Caravan for motor-homes and towing caravans

Hammer Square Bank has a 200m length of road with bends and steep gradients where the width of the carriageway varies between 4m and 4.4m. Vehicles sometimes rely on informal passing places. Visitors towing caravans, particularly those unfamiliar with the area or with limited experience of towing a caravan, may encounter some difficulty in the event of meeting oncoming traffic.

Visitors to the touring park are therefore requested to use the alternative route to the caravan park via Kibblesworth which approaches the site from the north. Please do not rely on your SatNav for approaching the park when towing a caravan but instead follow the directions below:

From the North

Leave the A1 taking the exit for the A167 heading to Birtley. On entering Birtley, take the first right onto Moormill Lane passing through Kibblesworth. Carry on through the village and at the end of the the road turn left onto Birkland. The Caravan park entrance is on your right.

From the South

From the A1 stay on the motorway until the exit for the A167 and follow the directions above. If approaching from the south of the A167 on entering Birtley do not turn left onto station lane but carry on through the village and take the left turn at the top of the village onto Moormill Lane. Then follow the directions above via Kibblesworth.