The 3 Pods we have on site were hand crafted by our experienced joiners. Over 120 hours of work went in to each of them from start to finish.

pod-007-small pod-002-small pod-003-small

Each Pod has been constructed from recycled wood and hand made frames. Each of the 4 ribs consists of 14 subsections – a total of 56 individual pieces that were all cut, sanded and then glued together with natural rabbit glue.

The picture above shows 1 of the 3 ’empty’ Pods. All Pods are approx 10 foot long (305 cm) by 7 foot wide (213 cm) and have heating, electrical points plus lockable doors. We offer the option of Futons, a Microwave and a Fridge in the Pods at no additional cost – please specify your requirements in the comments when booking online.


View from the pods.


The pods.